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    User Registration Best Practice - allowing some people to self create and forcing others to be moderated

    Karen Glynn



      I'm looking for some advice as to how best to allow some email domains to self create accounts, and prevent others.

      I'n thinking that if we select the two sub-options in Registration Moderation: 'Except for addresses matching the community domain list' and 'Only for addresses matching the blacklisted domain list' for Registration Moderation, and then add the domains we want to 'self create' into the 'Community Domain list' and add the domains we want to moderate into the 'Blacklisted domain list', this will allow people from certain domains to bypass moderation and others to be moderated.  Is that right?


      If I am right, my next question is, what then happens to someone who tries to register who doesn't have their email domain in either list? Jonathan Schradi