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    Changing Admin password for the Jive API credentials in Okta



      I am after some advise please regarding changing a password on a admin account.

      We have a provisioning error between Okta and Jive i am trying to troubleshoot.

      In Okta I have run the  "Test API credentials" and receive the reply "Jive Software was verified successfully" however Okta support has requested we re-enter the password for the Admin account

      Unfortunately this password is unknown to us.

      I have the ability to change the password for the okat@null.jivesoftware.com  (This account is non federated)  in my Jive portal however was unsure if this would cause any other issues.

      Before I reset the Admin password I would like to know if anyone has had this issue in the past and changed the  password without further issues.

      Below is a screen snag of the Okta Application Provisioning window.



      Kind Regards