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      I know you integrate with many systems. Is there a lightweight integration or interface with Confluence?

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          Hi Bianca,


          Depending on your use of Confluence, there is an itegration with Jira, that might meet your needs (StreamOnce ). Additionally, AppFusions has developed some integrations with various Atlassian products that you might find helpful: Atlassian Integrations, by AppFusions


          Lastly, if you are interested in migrating content from Confluence you might find the Re: Exporting Confluence content to Jive discussion helpful.



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              FYI... AppFusions is no longer a partner and we would be wise to steer clear of them.  We cannot control the customer experience if they get involved, which is unfortunate because they have a nifty solution for Atlassian products.  Due to priorities at their company, they are no longer focusing on Jive, and as such are de-emphasizing/actively not pursuing Jive business with their connectors. 

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