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    Deeplink for mobile event apps


      I'm using crowdcompass for a mobile event app for our upcoming conference and I want to link from their app across to the Jive app. I'm told I need a deeplink that will allow the crowdcompass app to open the jive app. Does that exist and can anyone help me find out what it is? As I understand it,  Deeplinks are different custom pieces of the link that will send the attendee into the Jive app. Some of the examples of deeplinks are:

      • Uber: uber://
      • Evernote: evernote://
      • Facebook: fb://

      If I want to link to the Jive app, then I would need to obtain the correct URL of the deeplink for the Jive app, from Jive.


      Then I could create a launch icon and plug in this Deeplink URL, to send attendees into our community.


      Could anyone help me understnad more, and what that deeplink is, if it is available?


      Thank you,