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    Are themes customizable at the group level?

      I am preparing my office for a summer transition to 8.0.3 (standalone) and was wondering if the themes were able to be customized at the group level or only system-wide.  I've got the concept of the templates as well as the overview+activities pages but need to dig on this issue a little more.  TIA.

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          Hey Beth,

          For hosted or on-prem instances you can map themes to specific SPACES and URL maps:  This from the Admin Console / System / Settings / Themes:


          Custom Theme Maps:

          Themes can be mapped to various application data such as Spaces and URL patterns. This enables a single Jive instance to display multiple skins throughout the application. Theme maps can be applied without a server restart and can be modified anytime.



          So you can customize a separate theme and map that specific theme to a set of Spaces or Groups. I would go slow though and not create a world of various different themes as any upgrade will lengthen your testing/qa cycle, not to mention your higher admin effort.