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    Updating Our Terms Of Use/Rules + Regulations




      We are in the process of revising and updating our official Terms of use and Rules and Regulations on the AMD support forums.  These updates are of high importance and as such, we wanted to ensure that all of our existing users read and agree to be bound by these new terms of use and rules and regulations. It is likely that we will continue to add, modify and update these in the future.


      In the Admin Control Panel that there is a section where you can change the terms and conditions and users will be notified of any changes to these. We are intending to put our new terms of use and rules and regulations here. This seems like a great feature and will do exactly what we want, but before we go ahead and proceed we had a few questions;


      1. How will a user be notified of the update?

      2. Is it possible for them to bypass it, ignore it, or otherwise state they did not see it?

      3. Is there anything else we should be aware of regarding this before we go ahead?





      Sean Iu

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          Hi Matt,


          Thanks for raising this question around terms of service updates. If you force all users to view the update, this will be presented the next time the user accesses the site. There is no known way to bypass the update, so this should ensure all users see the update and agree to it.


          Let me know if you had any other questions.



          Jeph Yang

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