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    Download a file via jive (not from a direct url)?


      Hey guys,


      I had a requirement where I have a file which I need to download. But the issue in my case is as follows:



      1. I have files present on our node servers.
      2. We will soon block ports at our internal servers, which will disallow any direct url hits. Hence, user can't download files even if they have direct url to the file.
      3. So, I would want that user makes the download request via JIVE and the file is downloaded via JIVE itself.


      I was thinking of the following approach:


      1. Uploading the file (which the user requests to download) to jive (making a POST request to 'api/core/v3/').
      2. Get a jive url to which I could make a hit on front end.


      Can you suggest me some options? 


      Many thanks

      - Bharat