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    URL link on image not functioning


      I am trying to link a URL to an image but the wigit doesnt seem to be working (when I publish and click on the image, only the image pops back up again - not the URL.  I also don't have the image navigation widgit as an option) - any advice

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          Hi! This happens to me every once in a while. Usually I've found that if I delete everything in the widget and then start over, I can hyperlink the image the next time. But I don't know what the root problem is.

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            I have seen this a few times myself and my advice would be to check when you set the hyperlink, as when you click the hyperlink button, there is an "http://" preset in the box where you put the URL. make sure you delete it before pasting an URL into the box. you can also check by just hovering over the image and looking in the bottom left of the screen to see what the URL looks like before clicking on it.


            Hope this Helps!

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              I have had some users report this to me, but when I went in as a super user I was able to correctly embed the URL.

              today I experienced this myself.  the images which would not accept the URL were set in a table, and the images were set to float left.  when i went to embed the URL and click apply, the URL is not saved.


              but when I insert the image and leave it as inline, the URL saves correctly.


              it seems to be intermittent at best because i am usually able to add these URLs correctly.


              how do we engage support through a public JC discussion?