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    osapi.jive.corev3.securityGroups.getMembers is not executing for normal users in custom view tile ??


      Hi All,


      I have created a custom view tile which displays different screen to different users based on their membership status on a particular security group.

      For this, I am calling following Jive API's inside jive.tile.onOpen(function(config, options)  function in view.js of internal custom view tile


      To get logged in user details





        headers: {"Content-Type": ["application/json"]},



      To get security group member's details



        securityGroupID: 1234



      This tile is working well for users who has Jive Admin privileges on Jive instance but it's not giving desired output for normal users (group members)

      It seems security group API is not getting executed for normal users.

      Please suggest how can I address this issue as it's important for us to validate logged in user against security groups ?