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    How to update URL after renaming draft blog post?

    Adam Arrowsmith

      I have a blog post that I have iterated on multiple times saving as draft, and along the way renamed the post title. However the URL still shows the original undesired title. I thought maybe it would correct itself after publishing but it did not. I've tried in both a system blog and place blog.


      For example, my original title was "blog one" and upon saving the first draft the URL was: /community/playground/blog/2016/04/08/blog-one


      I retitled "blog two" and was expecting the url to change to /community/playground/blog/2016/04/08/blog-two but that didn't happen.


      Is this possible, maybe via the API? Or is my only option to create a brand new post, copy and paste the contents, and discard the old post? I assume the URL contains the title to improve search results but of course the title may change through revisions. What's the recommendation for drafting blogs then?


      I found this Jive Tips & Tricks: How to Collaborate on a Blog however I can anticipate challenges and complexity when i want to invite guest blogging in my external community...


      Any advice?