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    Icons for external stream objects in Jive Cloud (Jive SBS 2016.1.0.0)


      Hi everyone,


      I have not found the exact problem description here, but similar things having to do with external stream object icons. I would assume this is related and a Jive issue, but if someone can confirm this is a bug, it would be helpful.

      Or, if not - what has changed in Jive Cloud 2016.1 so the same code generates working icons in Jive 8.x (onPrem) and erroneous behaviour in Jive Cloud.


      In Jive Cloud, we notice that search results and the news page don't show icons:




      But, the "following" page does show the icon:



      The Stream Integration in the group where it was posted to shows an icon - the content page of that same group doesn't, though:


      As a comparison: This is what the same application does on Jive8.x (onPrem) - Icon is available everywhere the posted external content is referenced.



      cc (FYI): Brennan Kirby, Butch Marshall

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          Hi Markus,


          I'm sorry to see that the icons for the external objects aren't defaulting to the correct ones. I've done a quick check in my vanilla 2016.1.4 environment, but I'm seeing that the expected icons are showing for the external object. To help troubleshoot this, I would recommend submitting a support case in your private Jive Community customer group so we can track this down.  Please also either link to this discussion thread or share the same screenshots and a link to the RiverNorth Recognition social group.



          Jeph Yang

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