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    RSS tile


      So we'd like to create a custom RSS tile to mirror the RSS widget's functionality.


      My first question has to be whether anyone has created one for their community and is willing to share the code. Failing that, does anyone have any good ideas as to where to start?


      I was thinking some sort of aggregation/feed subscription would work for the external feeds but not sure how to handle the internal jive feeds.


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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          Matt Dickens - I have the need for this like yesterday and I see  Still no RSS tile?  JIVE does not have this available out of box and with the StreamOnce Add On the limitation of configuration/customization of how this displays I'm in need of an "RSS Tile" that mimics the functionality of the RSS Widget.

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              I did a little research internally and it doesn't look like anyone has yet built an RSS Tile.  However, have you thought about using the RSS Connector from StreamOnce and then using a Super List tile to pull that information onto a page?  The nice thing about the RSS Connector is that the RSS objects become part of the activity stream and a user can get notifications when new items arrive rather than having to go check a tile.  The Super List Tile can be configured to just show the latest RSS items.


              Add RSS Connector and Configure in your place:


              When content comes in, grab the content list URL:



              Grab the super list URL:


              Add a Super List tile:



              Change the title and paste in the super list URL:



              RSS activities and a tile:



              Just a thought!

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                  Thank you Joey Levi, however there's limitations


                  1. We can't customize that orange image and regardless of the RSS Feed passed to this

                  2. It only looks at <title> <description><link> tags within the RSS

                  3. There doesn't seem to be a way to configure how to display that external entry that the StreamOnce RSS Add on creates or which tags gets parsed

                  4.  I would like to have the view of the RSS widget with 255 snippet vs just the Title that appears for SuperList Tile

                  5. The "Go To Item" Link that gets created is not configurable - although I understand why a global term such as "item" would be used.


                  Although the example doesn't help our purpose - The documentation you have above is more than what I've been able to find in the community - so thank you for that. StreamOnce RSS feed

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                      Totally understand.  So I forgot about the Custom View Tile (Creating Custom View Tiles) and the simple tool you can use to experiment (Tile App View ).  Now, this still isn't as simple as the RSS Widget but it will serve a similar purpose.


                      I found an online RSS Reader that can be customized - RSSinclude - Embed RSS Feed in Website, RSS Feed Widget PHP


                      Once you create your RSS box, you can grab the Javascript include snippet:



                      In the App Tile Generator, paste the snippet and give the tile a name and the click Download add-on .zip button:



                      As an admin, upload the zip file in your add-ons page:



                      This makes the tile available to your users.  Go to a place and add the tile to the page:



                      Again, i look at this as a stop gap until we or someone develops one but it is a way to get a custom RSS Tile into Jive.

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                          I'm going to try this Joey!




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                              Joey Levi, Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder


                              I tried this with a text only feed and it worked with the RSS Include, however it did not work when images were in the rss description.  I have also created code to parse the rss within JavaScript using


                              https://www.google.com/jsapi but that also does not display in the app tile view.  When I look at the view.html in my local - it displays, when I put that in the simple view tile it doesn't display in the tile.  When I upload the html to JIVE - it's showing blank.


                              Is JIVE blocking the javascript and therefore not displaying the records?  Is there a workaround?


                              Any suggestions?


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                          Thanks for this Joey - its a possibility if we used the StreamOnce connector albeit a bit convoluted for most users.


                          What would be good to understand however is WHY Jive haven't built an RSS tile to match the RSS widget. i'd like to know if there there a technical reason why it hasn't been built or if it's just that Jive haven't got around to it yet. This will help customers decide whether they should set about building an alternative without fear that Jive might suddenly release an RSS tile that could be back ported. The last thing any of us wants is for several thousand custom tile instances in an environment when a core product tile doing the same thing becomes available.

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                        So I was able to actually use this. There were a few quirks, like editing the HTML file to remove some weird text/buttons, editing the definition.json file to update the tile name and description, and the same for the meta.json so that in the Add-ons list, it is recognizable (in case you want to remove later).


                        So thanks for the details on this, all. Still hoping for an OOTB option in the future, but this will work for now, and help us get some additional places moved over to tile pages instead of widget pages.