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    Collaborating on blogs with guest authors, renaming

    Adam Arrowsmith

      Hi Libby,


      I'm engaging both my internal and external users to solicit blog authors in my external community and am using The specified item was not found. as a strong example. I have a few questions/concerns regarding the practical mechanics of collaborating and publishing, and was wondering if you might share how you manage?


      1. How do you collaborate with users on drafts and revisions? Of course you can Save as Draft (which is nice because blog admins can view/edit, unlike documents) but there's also the suggestion to first create as a document in a "private" place then copy into a blog and publish discussed here. Do you follow that practice?
      2. If so I suppose that doesn't work too well for guest authors because then you'd have to open up permissions to allow document creation, right? Or individually invite specific users to a "guest blogging" place, which introduces another hurdle to participate.
      3. Also, what do you when the blog title inevitably changes as part of the revision process because the URL cannot be changed after initial creation--as discussed in Rules for draft blog URL vs. Published blog URL? Do you ask the author (internal or external) to repost the entire blog--this time with the hopefully final title-- and copy-and-paste and reformat?


      Your insights are much appreciated. Thanks!

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          Libby Taylor

          Thanks for posting your question, Adam Arrowsmith!


          How we conduct the community blogs has been a process of trial and error. Our community is rather large and very old, so we have several places where community members could blog, the greatest visibility being the Social Business blog. Let me answer your questions.

          1. We collaborate using documents shared between two users (save it with the visibility of yourself and the other writer/author). Then when the content it ready, the author copies the content into the Blog form and publishes it. It does go into a bucket for moderation, which is then approved by a moderator. We've got documents turned on for community members so this is possible.

          2. If you are collaborating in a space, you can control the permissions of the space to allow any member to post blogs. Our community blog place is The specified item was not found. and it hasn't seemed to turn anyone off that they have to come to that specific place. One way to collaborate on the edits would be to have them submit the blog into moderation and have the collaboration happen in the moderation function. It's not my favorite option though.

          3. I'm not sure I've ever encountered number 3. We typically go through enough edits in the draft phase that blog titles are well baked by the time they are published. Also, we don't usually share out the static URLs for blogs unless it's for social and by then we would simply make sure we've got the right active URL to use. I can see how this might be more of a big deal with an internal community and possibly a company internet and email newsletters which point back to the blog. We haven't really encountered it as a problem. Knock on wood.


          Thanks for checking out the community and sending me your question! You can also always simply at-mention me from any place and I'll meet you there as well.

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              Adam Arrowsmith

              Thanks for the reply Libby!


              1 & 2. Do you use documents for guest authors to submit their blog drafts in Social Business? I'm a little confused because the Blogging Guidelines says to create a post. You must have another level of space permissions for would-be bloggers because I don't have permissions to create a document there, for example (BTW I am not looking to blog for Jive...as least not yet ). And by "another place" I meant if you had a secondary space/group called "Blogs: Social Business DRAFT" or something.

              3. If you're doing drafts as a document, you wouldn't hit this but if you were doing drafts as a blog post I assume you'd run into it given those other discussions.


              So it sounds like: if a guest blogger submits a blog post to Social Business, you do edits in the moderation queue. If those edits happened to require a title change, you'd delete that post and have the author copy into and submit a brand new post with the revised title. Is that right?

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                  Libby Taylor

                  Hi Adam, I should have provided more specifics:

                  • First, you'd create a document and save it with visibility to Specific People like shown in the last option below:
                  • Every time you want to save the document, you have to add the specific people back again. No biggee unless you have a long list of collaborators.
                  • When the draft is ready, the author would copy and paste it into the Blog format to submit it to Social Business. Then we approve it through moderation.


                  The only time I ever edit in moderation is when someone submits a blog by surprise (which they can totally do). Then I do a light edit and approve unless more of a re-write is required.