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    Removing a users access to Person Search and Hompage


      We are working on using Jive(hosted as our people search for the entire company. We know that in order for the employee to be searchable in Jive they have to have an active account. However we have a class of employee that we only want to appear in the search without having access to our jive instance. Obviously the user wont be able to see places they don't have permissions to however we would also like to block them from having access to the Person Search/profiles as well as the homepage. We have found that not giving that group of users any permissions in the Home Page Permissions tab does not remove their permissions from these sections. Is there any way to do this?

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          Hi Erik,


          Thanks for raising this question around restriction access to people search and the homepage. I've looked into this and don't see that this is feasible out of the box. It may be possible to explore this via theming and customization, but as this will require development work, the subject is outside the scope of Jive Customer Support. If you're working on developing this yourself, I would recommend posting a question to the Jive Developers space, or you or I could move this thread there.  Otherwise, I would encourage a Jive Professional Services engagement.


          Let me know if you had any other questions.



          Jeph Yang