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    How do you track success of a print media campaign?


      Hi all,


      To complement our usual online efforts, our company is launching a print media campaign to raise customer awareness of our new community. How should we track the success of this campaign?


      Normally we would embed hyperlinks in the URLs leading people to our community and use Google Analytics to track page views and determine what they clicked to get there. But if someone simply types in a URL, how do we know they got the idea from our printed material?

      • Adding tags to the URL is awkward
      • Correlation with campaign timing relies on coincidence, and factors from other efforts would confound results


      We're considering two imperfect solutions:

      1. Include an optional "How did you hear about this community?" question in the registration page
        PRO: Straightforward, multiple answers possible
        CON: Potentially annoying, expect poor voluntary response, result included in user's profile
      2. Create a custom user-friendly URL, like www.company.com/community, that automatically redirects to our real community welcome page
        PRO: Enables tracking of response to print by proxy
        CON: Could cause confusion when customers see one URL online and another in print, demands disciplined use of the URL


      Thoughts? Insights?


      Thanks. - Josh

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          For print, maybe use a tiny url since they have to type it in. TinyURL is pretty common and generally shouldn't cause confusion since folks appreciate not having to type a long chain.


          We have also used QR codes in Printed media when we expect mostly mobile users. It works fairly well this year - not as good 4 years ago though as i think the adoption of the technology was not as high. The nice thing there is no one has any idea what the URL is.


          Hope that helps.