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    how to upload an image from computer



      I have a user who is trying to upload an image from her computer. Specifically, when going to one of the "Spaces" called "Sales and Marketing". She then clicks "Customize" on the "Overview" tab and then clicks the dropdown next to "Formatted Text" on the widget and then selecting "Edit this widget".

      2016-04-13 14_17_27-Main_ Space_ Sales and Marketing.jpg


      When scrolling to the right and clicking on the "Upload Image" icon, the only option that is available is a URL and no option to upload fro your computer.

      2016-04-13 14_18_23-Main_ Space_ Sales and Marketing.jpg

      Is this the only way to upload an image to this section? Or is this broken/a bug or something that needs to be "turned on"? Any help would be very much appreciated!