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    Register Panel change


      I need to add a link to our privacy policy on the Register panel. Has anyone changed the content of the Register panel? How can I make that change? This is a screenshot of the panel I need to change.


      Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.15.00 AM.png

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          Jennifer Kelley

          Bob Bush typically we see the privacy policy content embedded into the terms and conditions, which the system will prompt users to re-accept when changed.  (Configuring Terms and Conditions - I believe you are on v7? but this hasn't changed materially)  And then embeddeding a perennial link to privacy policy in the footer or your about / help space. 


          I'm not aware of any way OOTB to add a link to that form, although on hosted it could be done via theme customization.  Hope that helps!

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