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    severe issues with jive 8 local login


      I am having trouble with my new Jive 8 local install on windows 10 - even windows 7 has issues. I ran through the local installation, ie. tomcat, java, maven and all worked well after some major workarounds. Finally I was able to get a localhost:8080 to respond and redirect. Now I can get to the finishing steps from the redirect to set up the databases which can connect. Once I finish all of the steps, the next eae-start.bat and cargo-start.bat startup completes so the "localhost:8080 ready, ctrl/c to quit" style message shows in the command window. Then every time I use localhost:8080 in a browser it may or may not show the login page redirect url but is always blank and I can't log in. One or two times I've been able to gain access but very rarely, and the jive admin console runs very slowly and eventually fails, then after that can't get to the login screen. If I reset the <server>false</server> then I can redo the finishing steps of associating a database and that runs every time, but after that no login page. If anyone know what may be blocking my instance from starting up or in the rare case runs very slowly that would be awesome. Thanks.