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    Jive App not working for Android Users

    akoplen Advanced

      Hi there,


      We have had a couple of reports come in about the Jive Mobile App not working. These users are on Android. Has anyone else experienced any difficulties? I am using iOS and cannot replicate the issue to log in.




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          pawans Advanced

          We had several android users reporting issues with Jive daily.

          When a user tried login to app, the app will show login successful and a message shown in screenshot below




          And it stayed there forever (one of our users actually tried staying on that screen for 2 hours to show us the issue).

          Some of these users later managed to login, but then they got the mobile site instead of mobile app view in the android daily app.


          We had opened a case with jive, but we were not able to provide enough details on this.


          But we found a workaround later.

          If, instead of login to app , the user clicks a link in an email which redirect him to jive app and then he logs in, the app would work.

          Weird, but true.

          So now if any of our android users tell is about this issue, we send them an email with a link to some jive content, which they can click and get into the app.


          Not sure if this is what you are referring to.

          But as this was specific to android, worth knowing this weird fix