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    Jive Mobile app and Jive daily


      Hello community,


      Has anyone come across a clear differentiation between Jive mobile app and Jive daily app?

      I personally find Jive daily quite a bit more user friendly with better functionality (registration for events, for example), but I am struggling to clearly position one or the other app to our user community.


      Any hints/experiences are appreciated!

      Thank you.

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          Hi Igor Karpachev - I'm struggling with the same dilemma -


          I too like Jive Daily for News, and as a People Finder, and struggling to see the benefit of the Jive app anymore.


          One of the use cases we are unable to solve is how to display office location information - we have more than 700 worldwide, and a group set up for most of these. We put the office contact information in the group settings widgets, but with the move to tiles, we've be told the best way to show this is as a document, which for us, will cause confusion with users when on the road - when they search, the document will come up, when we really want them to be in the group, but the group doesn't display anything except for Activity - which is frustrating.


          I'd like people to be able to search for the group, see the office contact details, click to dial the office, see the contacts at the office, and click on the address to access a map on mobile.


          Kind Regards,


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              Thank you, Tanya Burak, I have asked this question from Jive support, let's see what they say and then I will share with the community here.


              Our community is quite different from yours.  We run a business school alumni community, which is external to the business school itself.  Similar to your situation, our alumni are very mobile, move between different locations and appreciate mobile access on the road, rather than desktop/laptop access.  They join and interact with communities of interest, regional alumni clubs, their past classes, etc.


              Will keep you posted on comments from Jive support and would appreciate input from community members on their usage of mobile apps.


              Thank you!

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              Hi Igor Karpachev - Great question, I wanted to share some product perspective on this. Jive-n cloud customers should encourage users to use the Jive Daily app over the Jive Mobile app. We release an update to the Jive Daily app every 3 weeks so you will continue to see innovation on this app. The biggest advantage is the friendlier design, performance/speed, and more functionality (ability to vote on polls, RSVP to events, etc. on iOS). We will continue to add features to Jive Daily based on customer needs. If you have any feature requests, you can put in in the [Archived] Jive Daily group.


              Tanya Burak - If you go into a Place/Group, you will see a Content tab. You can find content for that Place/Group there (as well as activity and people). You can also tap someone's phone number and it will initiate the call (we had a bug but it was fixed).

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                This is what I find particularly relevant:

                Screenshot (1).png

                Comes from this discussion: 2016.1 Jive Daily Features


                Pretty much answers my question re Jive Daily vs Jive App going forward.

                Thank you, sandy.cook!

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                  Have posted new idea recently regarding making Jive Daily fully available for Jive-x communities: Jive Daily mobile app for Jive-x

                  If you have the same issue/idea, would appreciate your voting!