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    Embedding Awesome Tables in a Jive HTML Tile


      It looks possible to embed an "Awesome Tables" within any website. You just need to copy/paste 2 lines of code once you generated your Google Spreadsheet file, this is explained here.

      The problem is that these lines contain script and if you are not Administrator of your Jive space you cannot write html that contains script within an HTML tile: could IT help with that? Would that work?

      I prepared an example using Awesome Table for the Mining rCIP and cCIP contacts. The Google Spreadsheet is available here:


      The contacts would then look like this:

      View of the Table.

      AwsomeTable is a very flexible gadget:

      • You can add filters to the data.
      • You have a total control of what you are displaying (picture, size of the picture, link to the Jive profile, name, title, position, group, location etc...) and its format.
      • Once it is set up, the maintenance is not too complicated as it is based on Google Spreadsheet

      What do you think?

      Kind regards,