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    Still no RSS tile?


      Still no RSS tile? Boo! I thought that had been added. I've got many groups and spaces that use external RSS feeds, and that is one of the things keeping them from moving to Tile pages.

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            Intriguing idea, but:

            • We don't use StreamOnce
            • I'm referring to external RSS feeds rather than Jive-internal RSS feeds


            We have people who are pulling in content for local weather or traffic, and other similar things. This works well for groups we create for local offices, so that people traveling to the office can get a quick overview of what's up. We've also got one group that is entirely made up of RSS feeds from several topical websites. Sort of a Jive-built RSS aggregator for a team.


            Are there other creative solutions to this?

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                Hi Tracy Maurer,


                My agency has not used tiles that much, but i did figure out a way to get around using RSS feeds for weather updates. what I did was grab a code and insert it into an HTML Widget. I would assume that this would work with an HTML tile as well. here is an example of what I am talking about.

                (I got the code for free at weather underground)

                I hope this helps you out!



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                  Hi Tracy, I can't think of a creative way around this in v8.  As Kim and Raul point out there are more options in Cloud.


                  In the meantime for hosted or on-premise customers on v8, there are still going to be some places that are better suited to widgets for the reasons you outlined above.  (Unless you develop a custom RSS tile.)  I know it's not a perfect answer.  Most v8 customers I know have a hybrid approach to their places - some are using tiles where the tiles suit the purpose of the place and some are still using widgets because they need those specific widgets to accomplish the goal of that place.  It means that the overall experience is responsive, but on a place by place basis I'll either see tiles or I'll see recent content / activity in that responsive view if I'm on a mobile browser.  I can't think of a way to show the RSS feeds in a responsive view (outside of using StreamOnce or a custom tile).