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    Get the read status of a private message


      Hi all,


      Is there a way to track if private message to a user has been clicked on/read?


      In the analytics schema, I run the following query for activity type of 10 (read) and 20 (create). The object type for private message seems to be tied to Comments (105), and not privatemessage as i would have thought.


      SELECT activity_ts, day_id, user_id, activity_type, direct_object_type,

             direct_dw_object_id, indirect_object_type, indirect_dw_object_id,

             dw_container_id, metadata

        FROM public.jivedw_activity_fact

      where activity_type in (10,20)

      --and direct_object_type = 105

      and user_id in (1,67740)

      order  by activity_ts desc

      limit 100



      If I send a PM to a user and they go to their inbox, they see it as unread. When they read it, it get marked as read (becomes un-bolded and "read ball" is greyed out. Where is that being tracked for the user? I'm not seeing jivereadtracker in the core db being updated.


      Or should I be looking only in EAE (jiveuseractivity)?