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    How can I get started with OAuth as a user (and not server administrator)




      I'm trying to make API calls to Jive. I recently posted a question asking if I could do that without OAuth. There weren't any definitive answers, but the consensus seemed to be that I needed OAuth. That's a little complicated, but if it's the only option then that's what I'll use. Looking at a document about connecting with OAuth (the documentation suggests using the "Jive Add-on Framework") it looks like I really do need to create an Add-on? I can't figure out how to do that. I found a document about installing addons, but all I see on the "Add-ons" page is "No services have been authorized.". I don't think I'm allowed to upload addons. Is there a way I can just get a token that lets me impersonate a user? This is what I do for my GitHub tools and it works great. There's also only 1 step. Click a button to get the token then you're off to use the token in requests. The connecting with OAuth document above lists 11 steps (though some of them are optional). Can I get a token without using the jive sdk or uploading anything to our jive instance? I've contacted support about this but they told me to come here instead. Anyway thanks for reading!