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    Restricting availability of tiles to specific column widths or to a specific set of users


      As the title says, we'd like to understand how we can restrict the addition of certain tiles to specific column widths. Several of the OOTB tiles can only be added to narrow columns on Pages (e.g. Gauge, Featured people) and having created a twitter tile that uses twitter's own code and css that restricts the width, it would be good to be able to stop the tile being added to wider columns. I can get around twitter's restriction but would still prefer to be able to control availability of some tiles to certain column widths.


      Furthermore, I would also be interested in knowing how to restrict the ability to add a specific tile to a page to a specific set of users (perhaps those in a permission group). I do not need wish to restrict the visibility of the tile to visitors to the group - just the addition of it to the page by the group admin. When adding an addon, we have the ability to specify that the service only be visible to the uploader and so I suppose I'm simply looking to expand that availbility/restriction.