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    Links to other html files inside add-on


      Hello, I am very new to this.


      I have code for an add-on that I want to implement, but it has buttons that should load other html pages, a multi page app.When I click on them, they load the url through https://app-sandbox.jiveon.com/gadgets/. I need them to load through the app, since they were included with the apps other files. An example of the code in index.html is:

      <a href="index2014.html" class="btn">V14</a>
      <a href="index.html" class="btn">V15</a>


      and at another point I use an iframe, which also doesn't load properly:

      <iframe scrolling="auto"  src="filler.html" name="iframe_a"></iframe>


      Is this possible to do, and if so how?