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    Strategies to organize documents used for tiles and page layouts?

    Patrick Leffas

      SAIC (the gov't contractor, not the Chicago art school or the Shanghai car company) recently upgraded our internal Jive instance to version 8, and so far so good. As with most customers, we're figuring out how best to switch from widgets to tiles in various places.


      Since we're in Jive 8 (and not Cloud), we don't have access to the HTML tile and must use the View Document tile to replicate the Formatted Text widget. One strategy I haven't seen discussed anywhere is how and where to store the documents that are used to create a tile-based page. Figured I'd turn to the big brains here on the JC for your input.


      Here are some of the approaches I've considered. Have y'all tried any of these? Am I missing anything?

      1. Store docs in the same space/group where they'll be used for tiles
        • Categories or tags can be used for identification ("Tile Page Content" or tile_page_content)
        • The docs will be easy to find and edit by the place owner
        • Might be confusing to users to pull the curtain back like this and expose the inner workings of a place
      2. Store docs in a sub-space (if parent tile page is in a space)
        1. Categories or tags won't necessarily be needed for identifying the content
        2. The docs will definitely be easy to find and edit when needed
        3. Might be a little less confusing to users, but at the same time it will be an entire SPACE reserved for page/tile content; is this overkill?
      3. Store docs in an entirely different space that specifically contains documents for tile-based pages, and is View-Only for non-admin users
        1. Categories or tags would definitely be necessary to organize documents used for tile pages in different places
        2. Easy enough to find by place owner(s), yet not as obvious for non-admins/non-owners
        3. Is this approach too abstracted for day-to-day use?
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          Dennis Pearce

          Quite a few of our users have adopted the practice of beginning the document title with a tilde ( ~ ) if it's meant for display in a widget or tile and not really as a stand-alone document.  This lets everyone know it's different from typical docs.


          If these docs are being used in multiple spaces, such as when someone wants to have a consistent menu bar across their subspaces, then they usually create a special place for them just to make it easier to manage them and to keep them out of the way of the "real" documents.

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            Hi Pat -


            We keep them right in the place where they are used.  This keeps permissions simple to ensure the place owner can edit what they need to edit.  We do not name them different that other content and have not found it to be an issue for users.  In fact, it's sometimes useful not to, a POC list for example ...  If someone is searching for "Communications POCs" they would see both the Communications space and the document used to display the POC list on the space in their search results.


            If you do want to segregate them, projects might be another approach that would separate them from your place content, but maintain proper permissions for editing by the place owners.

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              We've actually stored them in the places they are being used, and we started doing this long before tiles came around because of version control and problems with Formatted Text widgets.


              I do notice that users end up liking and/or following those documents. To be honest, I think this is actually OK, because then when changes are made to the navigation or information, people see what's changing (you can't see changes to a place homepage by following the page). And sometimes people want just that simple piece of navigation or information.

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                We use primarily option 1 (in the same space). Two key advantages we see with this approach:


                • The content is searchable, so people can find the place by searching on the content in the "page"
                • Members who follow the place will get updates whenever the "page" (aka document) is updated


                We are also on 8, and I must admit that we still use this primarily on Overview pages with the View Doc widget. But for those places adopting tiles, the same principal applies.

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