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    ADFS log-in error

    gdemetrios@seek.com.au Intermediate

      Hi guys,


      We have recently started encouraging the uptake of Jive Daily for our Jive'n community. When a user confirms our community URL, they are directed to our community log-in page to select 'employee' or 'non-employee' login.

      The employee login option directs uses to our single sign-on ADFS page (the same way it does when logging into the Jive App or the mobile version of our community).


      With Jive Daily, the single sign-on page displays as blank on selecting 'employee' log-in - hangs forever.


      Any ideas? Do we need to make any changes to our LDAP/SAML settings to work with Jive Daily?


      The work-around at the moment is to select non-employee login which seems to work