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    OpenSocial com.jivesoftware.launcherlessapp broken between and


      Hello everyone!


      We're experiencing some odd behaviour after upgrading our internal dev Jive platforms from ->


      Referencing https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-114464#jive_content_id_Launcherless_App_Action  we are passing: <action id="com.jivesoftware.launcherlessapp" path="jive/apps/launcher?filter=false()"/>


      To the OpenSocial XML which does not seem to hide the launcher anymore?  Did this intentionally change?  We can confirm this is working in our environments.



      I can confirm:


      1) It's reading the proper XML, as when I disable the launcher (by add launcherlerless app) it breaks, as I do not provide a "canvas" element - which obviously crashes the application.


      and the XML being:



      2) That the same code works in a Jive environment (note the launcher is missing)



      And the success case (note the launcher is active):




      Did this change?





      Ping Ryan Rutan and Markus Nagel, Brennan Kirby