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    Seeking tips for using Jive Groups for planning and hosting an event


      Hi all,


      Part of my company is hosting a staff meeting at a remote location and wants to use our Jive 7 platform to help with communication and planning. I'd like some suggestions for how to go about this in the best way.


      EventPlanning_JiveAdvice.jpgSome design criteria:

      • One area (1) for simple communication: telling people the location, accommodations, agenda, activities, pre-work, maybe hosting discussions, etc. This should be a Secret group so that the company as a whole doesn't have visibility into the meeting.
      • Another area (2) for event planning: a place where event planners can draft the agendas, privately discuss potential speaker lists, and create draft activity documents before pushing the final versions out to the broader attendee audience.
      • I'm not an admin of this Jive instance, and I'm not able to create a Space and a Subspace with appropriate permissions groups.
      • I'd love for area (2) to be a Project within area (1), but we don't want to give visibility of the planning developments to all attendees. Is there a way to do restrict visibility for all contents of a Project in Jive 7?
      • Do I need to create two separate Secret Groups? Area (2) should really be a Project to take advantage of the task, milestone, and calendar features, but it looks like that means we'd have to set up a second secret group just to restrict the membership in the Project. The project planners aren't very Jive-savvy, and they'll probably be confused by the separate Group and Project, which are both separate from the broader-audience Attendee Group.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks. - Josh

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          Josh, your assessment of the situation is accurate. Though related, the two activities - planning and execution - are separate in function and access, so you will need to have two separate Groups. In your case, both Secret.


          For the Project, you can create a Project inside the Group and simply have the planning team use the Project. Except for the member management in the Group, it doesn't sound like this planning team would need to use the Group itself at all, just the Project.

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