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    Phrase Substitution for Custom Elements

    bwilhelmsen@hirevue.com Novice

      Phrase substitution works great for localisation when you're modifying or translating default keys, but there are certain things that I cannot seem to substitute.  Two of these include the Pokeshot auto-translate text "Translate Page to:" and document category names.  I'm looking for the key to these so I can use Phrase substitution to include translated text, esp for Japanese, Chinese, and Cyrillic alphabets.


      We also have some custom navigation elements that I cannot use Reg_Ex to substitute for so I'm a little stumped there.  Any information or help is appreciated. 


      I thought this would be part of standard functionality and documentation but I opened a case on the Jive community and they pointed me this direction since we use the Pokeshot service.