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    How do I direct email community or space members?


      Hey everyone - my organization is using Jive cloud services and we have many spaces and groups configured. I am not a full admin but am managing a few spaces as a community manager.


      A painpoint I am noticing is that although I have manually added the members we hand select for these spaces, I can't figure out a way to force email them.  I have used external processes like company email, instant messaging, etc but I would love to have a clickable link that was a mailto: function for all space members. Many of my announcements, new content notifications, etc are not being seen by our members.  What are my options for force emailing all members?  We are trying to grow our adoption & collaboration and I need to find a way to make our members see content that is being created in the community. I can't rely on them to manage news streams and notifications themselves.  I hope they do - and help train them to do so BUT I need a backup plan as well.


      Any advice?