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    Changing People's Names in Admin Console


      I'm sure like many people, there are a few users who have their "given" names and their preferred names. I've gotten a few requests to change people's names from something like Robert to Rob and went into Admin Console and updated their names. But, then when I go back and look at it in the future, it changed back to their original name! Why does this happen?


      Miguel Rodriguez, maybe you can answer this question? I was given your name by Mae.


      cc: burgessr605 @lilybevis

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          Hi Sara Jew! Because your community has SSO enabled, it'll default to whatever name you use internally every time it syncs up. Since your names are maintained outside of Jive (in your own directories), I would maybe consider opening up a field in your Global Profiles called "Preferred Name"? Or you can update the file to make sure the sync'ed file has the preferred name?


          Here is a link to our documentation walking you through creating new profile fields: Core Help