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    How do you edit the code in a OotB Panel?




      I can't seem to find that much information in this community on how to edit Jive 8, specifically the panels or widgets or whatever they are called. the specific widget i am trying to edit is the "Featured Places". Jive helped us create this custom theme to begin with, i'm purely going behind them and updating the font. Upon doing so, i realized that there are a lot of uses of <h> tags around the site. Such as the logo on the top left being wrapped in an H1 tag. The featured places widget builds it's content in H4's. This is not good practice and i'm trying to fix all of these things. How do I get into that featured places panel and fix it?

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          Scott A Johnson

          Hey Michael,


          This one would be in a freemarker template file at widget/featured-places-widget.ftl.


          You could overlay that in the theme if you were so inclined but may need to alter the css accordingly.


          One thing to note, if you're looking to bring the whole site up to best practices like proper use of <h> tags etc. you're going to have your work cut out for you. There are a large number of templates (>500 freemarker and >600 soy) and probably a lot of them (such as widgets) are legacy. If/when you upgrade, you'll most likely have to do it all over again. I guess I'm saying, pick your battles.


          Hope this helps,


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