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    Questions on Jive Tiles


      - How to add new contents/components in Jive cache(Jive V8) ? What if that data is not available in db?

      - How to deal with Jive cache from tile?

      - How to store cookie in tile(Authentication handling)?



      Jive Plugin Developer Ryan Rutan

        • Re: Questions on Jive Tiles
          A few quick things.  With Tiles, you do not deal with the Jive cache directly.  It is up to the Tile publisher to update Jive with the latest Tile details when changes are needed.  Tiles are hosted in a separate domain, and as a result...any cookies set are not transferrable to other parts of Jive or the experience.  All context of "Who", "Where" and "What" are provided by the Tile API (and OpenSocial APIs if enabled) see for more details Tile API & Development FAQ
          Hope this helps.