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    Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?

    Julie Cardinali Brancik

      Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?  I'm trying to get an understanding of why or why not other customer communities have implemented the Create menu on their global navbar in their community.


      This can be a simple Yes or No answer, if you don't want to be too verbose.  If you can provide any insight as to why or why not, it would be greatly appreciated though!


      Some insight you could provide so I can weigh the pros/cons:

      • Are you a public community that allows guests to participate or are you a closed and private community that doesn't allow for guests?
      • How mature is your community? (Thinking maybe more mature communities have it implemented because its easier for seasoned users to create content).


      Any discussions on the topic are welcomed!

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          Our community is one designed for professional embedded developers and is close to 3 years old.  While primarily external facing, we do offer some less technical content to the public, but the intent of this content is to generate enough cursory interest in our products such that the user wants to register and learn more. Once registered, the user is able to create discussions only by default. However, I have enabled special publishing groups such that I can promote power users to a status which allows them to generate additional content such as blogs (we refer to blogs as Help Articles as they are instructional not opinion).


          In addition, we are very partner focused and train/allow our partners to create content within their designated partner spaces.


          As a rule of thumb, any branded content/docs need to go through a select group of internal employees like myself, but I think this is the case with most companies that leverage collaborative platforms.


          Hope this helps.



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              Julie Cardinali Brancik

              Hi, thanks for the response!  My apologies, as I wasn't clear about the menu I'm referring to.  In Jive-X Cloud and Jive-X v7, you have the ability to turn the Create menu on or off in the admin console.  When the feature is turned on, the Create menu will be visible to logged in users, as they have to be logged in to post in our community.  So, I'm not specifically referring to the Actions menu within a space, as I'm aware that will be a blank menu when not logged in.  I just wanted to be clear because I didn't realize that not every version of Jive has the option.  I've attached a screenshot to ensure other users understand what I'm referring to.


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              Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.54.08 AM.png

              Hi Julie,




              I've been Community Manager for two communities where getting customers to participate was the primary intention.


              In our current instance, we have some material, including a Welcome page, that the public can see without logging in. If they're not logged in, they don't see any Create menu. Likewise, they can see an "Actions" link in the secondary toolbar of visible spaces that have one, but they don't see any available items to create until they log in. See the screen cap on the right for what the un-logged-in public sees.


              Thanks. - Josh

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                Alex Nassi

                I have this disabled.


                We're a public community, but users have to be logged in to participate, but anyone can create an account. We've been on Jive for about 6 months, but have gone through other forum/community iterations over the last decade.


                Our community is primarily support-based, so there is a lot more focus on searching for an answer before simply defaulting to creating content. In addition (and please correct me if I'm wrong), the create menu allows users to post outside of a defined space ("John Smith's Discussussions), but the community is designed to push content to specific spaces based on the user. If they were able to simply create a discussion/question without defining a space, there would be no organization to the content.


                We also have a Jive-N community and my above example has been an issue where people aren't posting to a space, so their content is being lost in the shuffle and it is later difficult to find.

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                  Libby Taylor

                  Hey Julie, just to add to the mix here... we do have the create menu available depending on who you are and the permissions that each user group has been assigned. So Jive employees, they can pretty much create anything in the Jive Community. But regular users cannot. People who are a part of our Champions permission group have added abilities to create but not the whole set. You can slice and dice it a million ways. After 15 years, you can believe that we have.

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                    Jordan Dayton

                    Hi Julie! This is a great question to consider.


                    We have a Jive-x community that is mostly completely open to the public, but only registered users can contribute: https://community.canvaslms.com/welcome (Launched April 2015)


                    We have another Jive-x community that we will be launching before the end of next week, which will also be open to the public: https://community.bridgeapp.com (Launch May 2016)


                    In both of these external communities we were deliberate to remove the "Create" menu from the global navigation. While we, as Community Managers, are very savvy with Jive, and a handful of our registered community members are also quite savvy, we recognize that a majority of our 70,000+ users are NOT savvy. We concluded that if people were to have this global menu, it might confuse them when they have to assign their content item to a particular place. We made an assumption that what Alex Nassi mentioned above, would happen: "people aren't posting to a space, so their content is being lost in the shuffle and it is later difficult to find." Also, a smaller reason for hiding the "create" button was because in most places of the community, the button is redundant to the "Actions" button that exists for a given space. And in some spaces we restrict those actions. Someone might think that they can still create something in a space by using the global "Create" menu, then be disappointed when they cannot save to the space.


                    I believe that people work by association in most cases. We want people to associate certain activities and options with a particular place. Just like in the non-virtual (real) world, if I want some groceries, I'll visit a grocery or corner store. I won't go to the library. And if I want to connect with other readers and join a book club, I'll go to the library and try to make connections there, rather than the grocery or corner store. ;-)  This is how we've patterned our digital world (community). Step one was removing the "Create" button so that we could encourage the behavior of going to the right places to engage with others about specific things. In this process, perhaps some find answers to a question before even having to post! Another deliberate course of action is that we, on almost all collaborative spaces, add our own specific call to action buttons. Rather than telling people to use the actions menu, we create a visual experience that tells them what they can do in a space.  Here's some examples:


                    1. Group: Instructional Designers | Canvas Community
                    2. Space: Find Answers | Canvas Community (with over 3,400 questions in this space, we can see this has been an effective approach to get people to ask general community questions in this space)
                    3. https://community.canvaslms.com/groups/strategies
                      Notice the buttons that we've designed for this ⬆︎ group. The top three buttons link to content creation items from the "Actions" menu for this space. The bottom three buttons link to sorted lists in the "Content" area.
                      Group Canvas Engagement Strategies  Canvas Community 2016-05-24 09-50-45.png

                    Given the nature of our business and what we are trying to accomplish in our external community, it has been a good strategic move to omit the "Create" button from the global navigation. Hopefully our perspective will help and/or others in making your decision about this!

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                        Alex Nassi

                        This is an excellent explanation, Jordan Dayton.


                        I've seen the Canvas Community used multiple times here as an example and your use of Call to Action buttons is a very important takeaway. Visually, this makes it so simple for your users to know what is expected of them and what they should be doing or where they should be focusing. I've tried to use this same strategy as our community grows and I build out more places. Making it easy to direct users to the best practice instead of relying on them to fill out the create form the way you want should help achieve a positive result.


                        Another thing that may help with calls to action is passing URL parameters for content creation. You can specify certain pre-populated options from the URL used on your tiles/widgets to make buttons on your home page in lieu of the create menu.

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