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    jive for office 3.4




      I'm desperately trying to install jive for office 3.4.1 and jive for outlook 3.4

      I have compiled a package including jive installer .msi and a registry file to be deployed via LANDesk

      Sadly it doesn't work properly as I constantly get the error 1722 Windows installer…

      Also I would like to report the fact that every time we move to a new connectors release some keys of the older version remain

      in the registry making the new installation impossible to resume.  This happens since we installed version 2.1, 2.3, 3.1, 3.3 and 3.4

      I have searched all over your community space but couldn't find anything to help me fix the installation problem once and for all


      Also, the office connector 3.4.1 did not solve the following issues:


      Error 1722 when installing Jive for Office for 'All Users'


      File names are appended with (1) (2) etc in a specific workflow in Jive for Office


      User only sees "Read Only" view when opening documents in JIVE for Office




      Thanks is advance for your assistance

        • Re: jive for office 3.4

          Hi Saleha,


          I'm sorry to hear about the deploy issues you've had with the Jive for Office 3.4 add-ons. Given the complexity of the issue, I would encourage submitting a support case in your Jive Community customer group to have a detailed investigation started. Along with the case, please include the following details:


          • How you're packing your deployment.
          • The specific MSIEXEC command line switches you're using
          • Windows
            • version
            • bitness
            • service packs installed
          • Office and Outlook
            • version
            • bitness
          • Do you encounter the Error 1722 message when installing the EXE or MSI installation locally as local machine admin, rather than through LanDESK deployment?
          • Is the issue only present when installing for "All Users"? For example, does it work for installing for single user?


          Background:  When installing for "All Users", the installation package needs to save important files in shared system folders. In some cases, the user may not have write access to these areas due to security policy. In comparison, selecting "Only for me" redefines the installation files to the user's local profile, for which the user should have write access to.



          Jeph Yang