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    can we change email id and user name of user


      We have a user who is already there in jive. As that user was a contractor, his id was created in jive with contractor username and email id. Now that user is no more contractor and he has the new user id with regular company.


      For ex.

      old id: xxx@xyz.com

      new id: xxx@abc.com


      the user has everything in jive with old id, but he is not able login with old id. and he would be able to login with new id in jive. But with new id there is no content for him.



      Can we migrate his old id to new id so that his all stuffs will be available to him????

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          Hi Kunal,


          While the option to migrate/merge two accounts is not available, depending on the specific configuration of your instance you might have the option to update the user's original account with a new username/email address. To confirm, I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group, here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can review through your instance's configuration.