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    Unable to submit form on Admin Essentials Plug-In


      If I am using my notebook computer screen (as opposed to my large monitor at work), I am unable to submit the form to change the URL of a group due to the screen resolution (maxed out at 1366 x 768):




      Can you please fix this?


      Ryan Rutan

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          Ryan Rutan

          As a short-term work-arounds,

          if you shrink your browser font...it should help with the wrapping that is eating up all the vertical real-estate.


          Also, if you right-click + Inspect the content in the model... you should be able to "delete" elements from the page DOM and the button will come into view. 


          You can also try using the tab button.


          Hope that helps,




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          Hope things are going well for you, sir! =)

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