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    REST API not respecting encoded characters, only in subject

    Bryce Gilhooly

      Hey Jive Developers,


      In preparation for our migration to cloud, we're doing some batch updates to content and I've been having some troubles with the subjects of our content, specifically with characters that would normally be encoded.


      (We're currently on using the v3 API)


      If I perform a GET request on a document, the below is returned as the subject:


      "subject":  "[Satellite] La cha\u0026icirc;ne Disney",


      I threw the same french character (î) in the body here:


      That character, in the content.text field appears as such:

          "content":  {

                          "text": "... La cha\u0026icirc;ne Disney ..."


      If I take the returned JSON, do not modify it, and submit it back as a PUT, to the same document, the subject changes to:



      however the same character in the body, is displayed correctly.


      I feel like this is a bug(?) because the content.text field is HTML, the JSON converted into HTML looks like:

      <p>La cha&icirc;ne Disney</p>

      but the subject field is possibly being treated as a string?


      I've tried replacing the encoded '&icirc;' with an 'î' resulting in:


      I have the same problem with an '&', however replacing '&amp;' with '&' updates the subject to only have an '&' rather than the encoded characters.


      Has anyone encountered this before / have any recommendations as a work around?