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    Filtering for content in a group to which content has been shared.

    Tim Gray

      This is what I see in this Jive Community (and is the same as I see in our on prem deployment of Jive 8.0.1). I'm looking to see if this is the expected behaviour.


      To replicate:


      - share content from place "A" to place "B"  assume the permissions are the same for both.  Assume the content is titled xyz

      - navigate to place B and see that doc XYZ is appearing in the Place B content list.

      - in Place B  text filter for XYZ and there are no hits.  Same for searching for xyz from the spotlight search from Place B and showing only the results from Place B -no hits.


      I understand that the ability to Share into a group is a new feature in Jive 8, but when it shows up on the group's content list, I would expect to find it when limiting the search to that group or by way of a text filter applied to the content list.


      cc: Crystal Plant