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    Image sizes in Jive: is there a definitive answer?



      I am trying to put together a tips and tricks for my community regarding image sizes. I have seen several things in the JC about images, and I've experimented a bit and come up with a few answers. That said, I can't find much that is "official" in terms of Jive documentation-- I just may not be looking in the right place! I think somewhere I read that Jive recommends an image ratio of 4:3, but not sure where I saw that. We are on Jive cloud (is that "n" or "x"? I always forget which one...)


      The types of info I am hoping to cover are:

      --Optimal avatar size for profile (I actually think I saw a minimum size stated in our Admin console somewhere, I just need to dig it up)


      --Optimal image size for profile picture (so that it doesn't get cut off)


      --Banner, Carousel, and Gallery tile image sizes (I am currently testing out the info here: Banner Tile - Image Dimensions and here Jive image sizing guide - cheat sheet , edit: the sizes provided by Katherine Carter seem to be working fairly well. Thanks Katherine!)


      --Optimal group banner dimensions (trial and error got me to 1300 x 150-- is this true for any customer who uses cloud?)


      --Optimal place image dimensions (for banner)


      --Optimal blog post and event banner image dimensions (so it doesn't distort or pixelate/blur)


      --Tips and tricks on inserting an image into your document (sometimes they resize and I'm not sure why-- I think I came across the reason in the JC or documentation somewhere, but now I can't find it).



      So, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for some of these items, or give me some guidance. Basically, folks are running into having images that are blurry or distorted, or cut off. I'm trying to help my community understand how to optimize so the images appear as sharp, clear images that are not cut off.


      Is there a definitive answer for image sizing requirements?