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    Plans for Rewards Reporting


      Now that I'm getting close to launch my new community (next week ), I'm going to be focusing on measuring and reporting the performance of the community and the completion of quests, missions and movement up the leaderboard is on the list. We do also have a challenge related to the leaderboard where I need to know when someone reaches a specific level. So, what are the plans for reporting and analytics in Jive Rewards? What is the roadmap?


      If there hasn't been any conversation / discussion on it, what's the best way to start one (besides this thread) and share reporting wants and needs to see how they can be incorporated? I looked in the project and the official Rewards space and didn't see a lot of questions or dialogue around this topic - maybe I missed it though.


      I also admittedly get the sense that I'm going to quickly get frustrated if I'm always going to have to refer to Jive Cloud Analytics/DES and map completed actions back to Jive Rewards long term, so I thought I'd see about starting this now in hopes to prevent it.