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    OSAPI: execute Direct message request without following a person?


      Hi everyone and Ryan Rutan.


      Sorry for asking you all the time. But I'm sure you're the best, and maybe this will be helpful for others.


      So basically here's a question:


      Can I somehow make OSAPI DMS working without person being followed by other person?


      Here's what I'm trying to do in Javascript:


      const message =  {
               "content" : {
                   "type" : "text/html",
                   "text" : "some text goes here"
               "participants" : [

      This is working if user /api/core/v3/people/2013 is following current user who's executing this script.


      If he's not - I'm getting this message in response "Cannot send direct messages to users you're not connected to."

      What can I do with it? Is there a way to follow a person with REST API before executing osapi.jive.corev3.dms then as a solution?