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    Anyone using Jive to support 'Team Talks' or Senior Manager briefings to share with teams?


      As Head of Internal Comms, I'm wondering how I can leverage Jive to support a 'Team Talk' to support/enable senior managers to better communicate key topics with their teams.  My process/approach isn't about giving them 'crib' sheets or talking points, but more about asking them to discuss a topic or recent news that is sent to the entire organization.  So the process is that the communications function or ANYONE in the company sends out an announcement either via email or HOPEFULLY through Jive, and senior managers are then asked to raise it for discussion/understanding in team meetings, and listen to their teams' questions but also be able to escalate it up.


      How can I use Jive in this workflow? Ideally I'd like to 'flag' these types of announcements and senior leaders would be notified that there's something they should discuss in their next team meeting. However our internal communications is distributed in that anyone in the company can send information out; it's not always funneled through the IC function, so I can't always guarantee the news in the first place is in Jive.


      I have a few questions:

      • What does the News tile do on the News tab do?  I noticed this is ONLY a tile in the News tab, not in any ordinary group. It says 'no recent news in the community'...?
      • could i use a tagging convention + tag tile in a group for senior managers to 'flag' the news? (Except that I'd then have to delete old news items which is kind of annoying)


      I would love to hear other ways people are using Jive to support senior leaders' conversations with teams.