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    Asset Library Use Case


      I have the following use case and I'd like some specific guidance and recommendations on how I can use the features in Jive.


      USE CASE- for the communications team to be able to share assets (images, PDF infographic files, artwork, brochures, publications) etc.


      In addition, 1 publication would be translated into 5 languages and also available in print and web versions, so for 1 publication alone, you're looking at many files.  We want to organize these so that you can see the 1 publication and view the available versions/formats it is in, and download the right one.


      I have tried using the new Image library feature, but it seems you can NOT upload PDF files here (only jpegs!) and a lot of these assets are in fact, PDF files (such as infographics).


      Can anyone please advise the best way to organize potentially 600+ images, PDFs of infographics, artwork files, brochures, publications, etc?