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    How do you notify your members that their account is about to be disabled?


      We implement a policy where a community member's account is marked as inactive after a specified number of days of inactivity. Quite a few of the these members rely on email notifications, instead of actually visiting the site (that's another story), and so end up having their accounts disabled. When that happens, of course, they no longer receive email notifications.


      The question then: How do we let these members know that their account is about to be inactivated? The obvious approach would be to send them email saying, "You're account will be disabled in xx days." Not sure, though, how to approach that.


      Has anyone else done something similar? Is there (hopefully) an admin system setting somewhere that allows us to just enter the number of days prior to the inactivation that we want to trigger the email notification?

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          There is not an admin setting to send a "warning" email. Really wish there was. There is a tool (3rd party, extra cost) we are using that soon will enable us to do this in a more automated fashion. Talk to Benjamin Taub about InSite. He also has extensive experience working as a community manager and tackling these kinds of questions and may have additional suggestions regarding approach.

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            It would be awesome if there was a way to send a warning email to users from the admin console *wink wink jive*. 


            Here's an example email that we send to our users.  Feel free to tailor it to your community.


            Hi There,


            We noticed you haven’t logged in to Swedish’s decision-making tool, DocSpot https://____ in the past few months.


            DocSpot enables easy expert-to-expert collaboration with the 3 Ds: decisions, documents, and documentation. We’re changing the way we work to decrease email, decrease innovation cycle time, and improve patient care. This is a new technology and most of us didn’t grow up on social media, but we’re learning how to use it because it allows for true collaboration.


            I’ll be going through and deactivating users who haven’t logged on in the past three months and who don’t plan on utilizing DocSpot at this time - but that doesn’t mean you’re being deleted from the system; we’re simply making room for the individuals who have an immediate DocSpot need and would like to actively participate.


            With that said, if you would like to remain active on the system so you can use it in the near future, please let me know via email as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can simply email the DocSpot team at xxx@_____ at any time to reactivate your account in the future.


            Thank you!