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    Jive's pagination UI design is lacking


      Hey Jive product development, I find the UI design for your pagination - at least our /content pages for discussions, to be misleading and irritating.  The initial view, when there are a fair number of items, makes it look like there are just 2 pages of content:



      but then I click on '2' and get:



      And so on, until I get to the end.  I find this very misleading.  What makes it irritating is that Jive seems to know *exactly* how many content items there are  - and the page briefly shows the exact count.  Here's a css-hacked version:


      So, why would Jive make their customers think there are only 2 - or 'just one more than you are looking at' pages of content, when it knows *exactly* how many pages there are?


      Comments welcome,

      Mark Ahrens

      Keysight Technologies