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    Web tools for creating 'virtual sub-categories' using 'canned browses'


      Hi Folks,


      A bit of disclosure up front: technically, I'm not a developer - I'm an external consultant that works with Jive customers - but I hope you won't mind me posting this here, as I think you may find it useful (and Philip Palmer suggested posting here - apologies for the cross-post from the community managers place).


      I spend a lot of time working with place owners, and one of the most common challenges I encounter is people struggling to let go of their beloved hierarchical folder structures. Developing a categories and tagging scheme that maps to their old folders is often helpful, but the next stumbling block is usually the fact that many users still prefer 'browse' over 'search'.


      One solution I've found is to create 'canned browses': links to a content page with filters like a category and tags pre-selected. The links can be combined to build up a menu, which is then displayed in a widget, tile or document. However, writing HTML and CSS can be time-consuming, so I built a little set of web tools called cannr to automate parts of this process.


      The tools are free to use, and I hope they may be of some help to you. Here's a decidedly home-made video that explains more: