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    Search synonyms - equal or reduced weighting/relevance and what happens with phrases?


      We are looking to improve findability of our content through search and I am looking to make better use of the synonym list that is now used for content as well as people searches in 8.0.3 and above. In order to build our synonym list correctly and not have a negative impact on results, I have a couple of questions:


      Can anyone please tell me whether search synonyms are treated any differently in terms of the weighting/relevance placed on them compared to a user's original search terms.


      As a hypothetical example, if we had FS and Financial Services as synonyms and two identical documents other than that one contained FS in the title and the other one contained Financial Services, which would be returned first if the user searched for FS (assuming the creation dates were identical and ignoring any sorting based on the user's social connection to the documents). As you can imagine, when you have hundreds of results spanning multiple pages, it's important for to understand whether all the results returned due to an exact matched query term are listed first. I'm hoping they are equal but good to know for sure as this also helps us when creating our synonym lists to determine the degree of approximate equivalence of terms we use.


      Also, how smart is the query analyser in determining if a user has entered a series of separate terms as their query or a phrase? Again, as a hypothetical example - if we had the following entries in our synonym list and a user searched for financial services, what would actually be searched for?



      fs,financial services



      Will search actually search for the following?


      Financial Services


      FS services

      FS water

      FS gas

      FS electricity

      monetary services

      monetary water

      monetary gas

      monetary electricity

      fiscal services

      fiscal water

      fiscal gas

      fiscal electricity

      capital services

      capital water

      capital gas

      capital electricity

      cash services

      cash water

      cash gas

      cash electricity

      budgetary services

      budgetary water

      budgetary gas

      budgetary electricity